Cheap VMware VPS Plans

All our servers use Intel Xeon processors and SSD drives.
Cloud servers that are virtualized with VMware infrastructure
deliver as much performance as dedicated servers.


Choose the perfect solution for your business

Cheap VPS

1 vCore CPU
20 GB SSD Storage
1 TB Bandwidth
1 IP Address

Windows VPS

2 vCore CPU
50 GB SSD Storage
2 TB Bandwidth
1 IP Address

Linux VPS

2 vCore CPU
50 GB SSD Storage
2 TB Bandwidth
1 IP Address


Data Migration

You can bring your VMware VPS,
available at a different company, to us.
To do so, you must obtain your .vmdk
file from your old company.
Once you have it, it's enough to give us
the link to this file.

DDoS Protection

In all VMware VPS packages, DDOS
Protection is available as an option.
You can optionally take this
feature at the time of order, or you can
cancel the DDoS protection
you have already received.

Cloud Backup

Our main node servers are
periodically backed up as images.
In order to backup the VMware VPS
Service you purchased,
you must purchase a "Back-up Service"
and determine the period.


Can I Upgrade my VPS plan?

Yes. When you want, you can upgrade your VPS
Plan to higher plans. When upgraded, it is
sufficient to pay the price difference between
the old plan and the new plan.

Can I Downgrade my VPS plan?

No. You can not downgrade any VPS Service.
VMware is not suitable as platform

Can I purchase an
additional IP Address?

Yes. You can purchase additional ip addresses
as much as you want at the time of order
or later. The IP Address unit fee is $3 per month.

Can I purchase a
Control Panel License?

Yes. You can purchase the Control
Panel license at the time of order or later.

Root / Administrator
Forgot my password?

If you submit support requests for this, our
technical team will reset your password
and will send you a new password.

Can I install a custom ISO?

We do not allow this for security reasons.
But in a different company, you can move your
VMware server to us.